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How much will a dent repair in Hay On Wye cost?

The price of a dent repair in Hay On Wye is dependent upon the size of the dent and its location. However in most cases, the cost of dent removal is much less than a traditional body shop.

It should be noted that large dents across multiple panels or dents on the bonnet or roof of your vehicle will require specialist attention at a car body shop covering Herefordshire.

How long will a dent repair near Hay On Wye take?

Minor car dent repairs in Hay On Wye can be completed within a few hours or less in most cases. Large dents across multiple panels will require independent assessment from a car body shop.

How is paintless dent removal in Hay On Wye carried out?

PDR in Hay On Wye is completed by technicians using modern tools to remove dents from your vehicle.

The professionals highly advise against DIY solutions to dent repairs which can also lead to irreparable damage. Paintless dent removal is suitable for small dents which are not located on the bonnet or roof of your vehicle.

Why should a get a dent repair in Hay On Wye from a technician instead of claiming through insurance?

The cost of minor dent repairs in Hay On Wye is often much less than the insurance excess and the subsequent increased premiums due to a claim being made. It's also a convenient service, as minor dents can be repaired onsite.

No need to lose your no claims bonus with dent removal services in Hay On Wye Herefordshire.

Car Dent Repair Hay On Wye

Bodywork Mend helps you find professional bodyshops and mobile paintless dent removal professionals offering dent repairs in Hay On Wye Herefordshire for cars and vans. The technicians provide private, trade and dealerships with dent removal services that are convenient and affordable.

Each one of the bodywork specialists has access to the best tools and materials needed for professional dent removals.

Mobile and bodyshop based dent repairs offered for the people of Hay On Wye (coverage and service vary) throughout the year and at affordable rates.

With so many vehicles on sale nowadays, if you're planning to sell your car or van in the future, getting a professional dent repair may increase it's resale value to an prospective buyer. After all would you pay the full asking price for a damaged vehicle?

If you would like more information on the dent removal service in Hay On Wye, then simply get in touch with the professionals. You can do this by filling out the online form for a prompt response.

Dent repair Hay On Wye

Dent Removal Hay On Wye Herefordshire

The car body shops and mobile technicians offer dent repair services in Hay On Wye Herefordshire for most brands and models of cars and vans. The professionals have the expertise and experience to remove dents from your vehicle.

Common causes of dent damage to vehicles in Hay On Wye include:

• Vandalism
• Shopping trolleys
• Car park ding
• Branches, tiles and other objects falling onto bonnet (requires a bodyshop)
• Opening car doors in a careless manner
• Hail damage
• Knocks and bumps

In these common scenarios the dent repair team can offer cost-effective repairs that are fast and won't increase insurance premiums.

The technicians are able to provide a range of services which include

• Minor dent repair
• Paintless dent repair
• Roof dent repair
• Bonnet dent repair

These are only a few of the dent removal services offered to motorists, no matter the problem that you have, the staff will always do there best to help you.

Minor dent damage to bumpers, doors and side panels can be generally be fixed at your home or workplace in Hay On Wye.

Large dents across multiple panels or dents in unusual locations such as the roof or bonnet will require a car body shop repair, which the team can also offer where available.

The professionals shall only high quality equipment and tools for each dent removal that they carried out, this ensure that each dent repair is completed to a high standard.

Customer service is important to the technicians and they are happy to answer any questions that you might have about the dent removal service being provided.

The recent testimonials show their commitment to offering a high quality service from start to finish.

To book a dent removal in Hay On Wye or for more information, feel free to contact the professionals by completing the car dent form. You shall be contacted back soon by email or phone.

Recent Enquires

small thumb nail sized dent to rear near side wheel arch) flat damage to the paint freelander hse


mercedes b180 dent and scratch on rear passenger door


bmw 3 series 15 years old. dent approx 5 inches front left wing no paint damage.


audi sq5, 2 dents, one on the drivers door and one on the front wing, crease dents. a wooden pallet fell against the car. requires pdr


bmw x minor dent above rear bumper drivers side rear wing


bmw 1 series x alpine white in colour. dent on o/s wing.


kia sportage. small dent on bonnet and two car park dings on the back left passanger door.


ford fiesta 3drminor dent in centre of drivers door caused by another car door


land rover defender, hi, can you repair aluminium panels with pdr? I have 5 very small dents in one door and two in the other all of which you can only see when you catch the light on them, plus a 4 inch scratch down to the undercoat by the side window, regards phil


mitsubishi cross overtrolley dent to back door behind divers door


ford transit has a dent on the rear passenger corner, not sure what has caused it but it looks like it has been hit by something.


defender x - 90a few dings here and there - not dents as such - no folded metal.