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Are SMART repairs always possible in Aintree?

It depends on the type of car damage on your vehicle. SMART repairs in Aintree are possible if the damage is minor or cosmetic i.e. not crash damage and not exposing metal or across multiple panels.

If your car bodywork needs major repair, Bodywork Mend can help you find a bodyshop covering your local area.

How much do car body repairs cost in Aintree?

This completely depends on the vehicle that the technicians are repairing and also the problem. If you would like a quote, get in touch with the professionals by filling out the car body form.

Do car body repairs in Aintree only cover domestic vehicles?

The technicians and bodyshops have experience in bodywork repair Aintree for vans and fleet owners. If you run a car dealership, fleet, rental or insurance company, a service tailored to your organisation size can be offered in most cases.

The car bodywork on my vehicle has been damaged by stone chips?

In most cases, stone chip damage is covered by an onsite car bodywork repair in Aintree. The technicians can offer this service at an address and time, that is convenient for you.

Car Body Repair Aintree

The car body repairers that Bodywork Mend helps you find aim to provide high quality and convenient car body repairs for Aintree and nationwide. The technicians offer a mobile SMART repair service for minor car scratches, dents, stone chips and bumper scuffs.

When car damage is across multiple panels or located in difficult areas such as the bonnet or roof, a professional bodyshop can repair this type of damage.

The car body repairers working with Bodywork Mend have the training and experience needed to provide car body repairs on most models of vehicles new and old.

They offer a friendly and professional approach to Aintree car body repairs as shown by the recent testimonials on this website from motorists in the United Kingdom.

Arrange your car body repairs near Aintree by contacting the professionals, you can do this by filling out the car body form with your details and the professionals will contact you back shortly.

Please ensure that you select the appropriate option from the option list which best represents your car damage. This so the correct department can get back to you by phone and email during business hours.

Car body repair Aintree

Car Bodywork Repair Aintree Lancashire

The bodyshops covering Lancashire are home to experienced and knowledgeable car body repairers who are able to provide a car bodywork repair for Aintree that covers most automotive brands including:

• Alfa Romeo
• Fiat
• Ford
• Honda
• Citroen
• Mini
• Vauxhall

They have access to the highest quality paint and repair tools and shall only use the best methods to carry out any car body repair near Aintree. This ensures that each car body repair is completed to the highest level of standard.

The technicians are able to offer the following car body repairs for customers near Aintree:

• Dent repairs
• Car scratch repairs
• Bumper scuff repairs
• Key scratch repairs
• Vandal scratch repairs
• Full car respray

Regardless of the problem that you have with you car, the technicians will always do their best to help, they have the experience and skill to repair most problems with car bodywork.

Affordable and fast car body repairs for cosmetic damage are carried out at home or workplace in Lancashire by technicians in purpose built vans.

Major car bodywork repairs which require specialist equipment as car respraying will take place in a modern bodyshop near Aintree.

The bodywork specialists offer a warranty on all car body repairs, this covers any products used and also the work that has been carried out on your vehicle.

To book your car body repair near Aintree or to speak to the professionals about your car body problem, just complete the car body form with your details and a customer service adviser will get in touch shortly.

Recent Enquires

looks like a kick in the side st3 focus


merc clk x sport convertibletwo very very minor dents to drivers side where someone has opened a car door onto the bodywork. hardly noticeable


mini one 7boot minor scratches from bike rack. also a small scratch on drivers side panel near door handle. also would like to enquire about alloy scratch repairs on two wheels.


honda crv. the drivers door unfortunately has been scratched in a few places by the neighbours dog jumping up at the car and scratching its claws down the door.


vw golf plus vandal damage keyed approx 4 on hatchback above number plate plus 2 x thumbsize scuffs on nearside rear non vandal 1 on the metal 1 on the plastic bumper


fiesta st61aua.hi I have a small dent and scratch on my drivers door and a number of scrape scratches on my drivers front arch/bumper. i`d appreciate a quote to fix these please. my dad has used a fix kit and it looks horrendous! thank you


hi I am after a quote for two small knuckle marks removed from my bonnet. the police caught the bloke who did it and need a couple of quotes before the work can commence. thanks for your timecarl


there is paint peeling on the wheel rim of the body paint. do you deal with this and how muchthanks


audi a6. reversed into a sign post. minor dent plus broken paint.


front subframe removal repair repaint and replace.clio williams


subru forister


single 20cm length dentscrape on near side just after rear door and before rear wheel arch with some scuff marks.